2022 T25U25 Week Two Summary

We revealed six more names on the Maple Leafs Top 25 Under 25 this week, here they are:

#19 Filip Kral moved up a few places from last year.


Which pair will Král be spending the most on next season?

  • 17%
    Marlies first pair

    (69 votes)

396 voices in total

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#18Victor Mete makes a contested entry on the list.


Do you think Mete will play any NHL games this year?

  • 43%
    Sure, the Leafs defense still has injuries

    (272 votes)

  • 49%
    Yes, but not for Toronto

    (309 votes)

628 votes in total

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#17 Mikko Kokkonen rounded out a trio of defenders that didn’t really impress anyone.


Should we be so quick to dismiss a 21-year-old prospect like Kokkonen?

  • ten%
    Yeah, 21 is the new 23

    (45 votes)

  • 82%
    Maybe there is development to come here

    (344 votes)

  • 6%
    It peaked early

    (26 votes)

415 votes in total

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#16 does not exist this year because there was a tie for #15:

Nicholas Moldenhauer is the new name on the list.


Where do you think Moldenhauer will be in five years?

  • 41%
    Debut for the Leafs

    (179 votes)

  • 38%
    Developing with the Marlies

    (163 votes)

  • 5%
    Dominating in the NCAA

    (22 votes)

  • 14%
    Giving up prospect rights with the Leafs

    (63 votes)

427 votes in total

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Dmitry Ovchinnikov is last year’s surprise prospect.


Is Ovchinnikov the first “real” long shot we’ve profiled so far?

  • 31%
    Yes, the list is getting interesting now

    (104 votes)

  • 28%
    No, I’m still waiting to care

    (94 votes)

  • 40%
    SDA and Abramov were also fun to talk to

    (136 votes)

334 voices in total

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#14 Guillaume Villeneuve is the Memorial Cup champion. He jumped on a lot of older defensive prospects.


Where do you think Villeneuve will be in five years?

  • 34%
    Lock in a fourth defender spot as a complementary second pair RHD

    (179 votes)

  • 50%
    Type of third pair/seventh defender

    (263 votes)

  • 6%
    AHL/ECHL interpolator

    (34 votes)

520 votes in total

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These six players are in average ratings between 18.22 and 16.89 or 1.33 rating points, so they were all a very tight group, barely ranked higher than Mikhail Abramov. Next week, the official vote jumps to 13.22 for the next entrant, the biggest jump on the list.

Community vote

#19 Mikko Kokkonen

Ranked 17th on the official list, this is very close to agreement between the lists. Kokkonen had an average rating of 19.18.

#18 Semyon Der-Arguchintsev

Ranked 21 in the official vote, this is another pick where we came close to agreeing. The average community ranking was 19.02, putting it just slightly ahead of Kokkonen.

#17 Joe Woll

Marking a dramatic difference in voter rankings, Woll comes in six places above where he was in the official vote. It’s quite common among goalkeepers. His average ranking was 18.86. The fairly high number of votes just at 25 is also a normal thing to do with a goalie prospect.

#16 Ty Sees

Not yet revealed on the official roster, Ty Voit comes in with an 18.48 rating and is the first player to be rated by virtually everyone.

#15 Mikhail Abramov

Abramov is ranked four places higher than on the official list with an average of 18.41, nearly a vote tie with Ty Voit.

#14 Guillaume Villeneuve

We agree on this young defensive perspective. His average ranking here is 17.51, a significant jump from the tight group of five below him. On the official list, his ranking was 16.89, so the two lists are very close now, and both also need big jumps higher in the rankings to reach the top.

Next week, six more names will be revealed and another tie on the official list. You can expect the two lists to become very, very similar by the end, but there’s at least one big difference left to reveal. But first, the community vote takes a tiny step to 13th place, a player already revealed on the official roster.

See you Monday!

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