Army works to close gap in soldier’s disability pension, officer- The New Indian Express


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NEW DELHI: The military is working to close the major gap that exists in the disability pension awarded to a soldier and an officer.

“There is a big difference in the amount of financial assistance given to a soldier and an officer with the same disability. We have developed categories to reduce this gap, ”a senior officer told the newspaper. “Every disabled soldier in a war / war situation should receive maximum support,” he added.

Following the recommendations of the Seventh Central Wage Commission, the invalidity pension was fixed on the basis of the last pay paid. “It created a big gap, which was smaller before,” the officer said.

Under the current rule, a soldier receiving a salary of Rs 30,000 (approximately) will receive a pension of Rs3,000 in the event of 100% disability while an officer receiving a salary of Rs1 lakh (approximately) will receive a pension of 30 000 Rs in case of disability at 30 percent.

“Even for less disability, an officer receives a higher pension than a soldier for 100% disability, which has been questioned by many soldiers. We are working to rationalize this part of the pension, ”said the officer.

In addition, the military plans to separate the disabled soldier during a war / war situation from those who are disabled for other reasons. “We will pass on the recommendations soon,” the officer said.


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