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Refer to ‘Congress Introspections’; it is good to learn that the party has realized the lost link with the masses and has presented a recovery plan to enthuse the cadres. There is no shortage of intellectually rich and ideologically committed people in the party who have the ability and courage to lead it to lost heights and glory. The result of the ‘Chintan Shivir’ looks impressive on paper, but the actual execution on the pitch is a difficult task as the cadre always seeks the direction of feasible strategies for revival. The party should take effective measures to address the government’s social and economic policies and other issues affecting the public. Allegations that sycophants are promoted at the expense of traditional members of Congress must be countered by giving everyone equal responsibility and voice in party affairs.


Requires drastic changes

The “Chintan Shivir” Congress was an exercise in futility, as no constructive proposals were adopted. The “shivir” also saw the departure of another Congress stalwart, Sunil Jakhar, from the party. The coterie of advisers with which the Gandhis surrounded themselves did not do their job sincerely. The party has lost election after election over the past few years. At present, it is ill-equipped to counter the BJP, led by a smart and efficient event management team. The tide cannot be seen to turn in favor of Congress unless Sonia Gandhi is ready to radically operate this terminally ill political team.

MK BAJAJ, Zirakpur

Disconnect from Congress

Although Rahul Gandhi admits that the Congress has lost its connection with the masses, his assertion that only his party and no regional party can lead the ideological struggle against the BJP is far from true, given the track record of regional parties in the recent years. elections (“Congress Introspections”). Parties like the TMC, DMK, BJD and AAP have effectively verified the advances of the BJP. Following its 2018 victory in three states, Congress lost successive electoral contests with the BJP. This exposes the Congress as a weak link in opposition unity efforts, especially after its miserable performance in Assam, Manipur, Goa and Uttarakhand. Even after being out of power at the Center for eight years, Congress has yet to reinvent itself as the main opposition to the BJP. In the “Chintan Shivir”, there was a lot of talk about taking over the BJP, but there was no serious thought about changing the leadership. With its weak organizational presence, the party would waste time and effort if it only operates according to Rahul’s “ideological” theory.

EL SINGH, by mail

Non-Gandhi President

Regarding “Congress introspections”, the negative propaganda and scathing attacks against Nehru and the Gandhi family on flimsy grounds by political opponents, as well as “biased” media, have harmed the Congress to some extent, but the contribution of the party, under whose leadership the nation won its freedom, in nation building cannot be forgotten by the people of this country. Congress must appoint a non-Gandhi family member as president – the sooner the better.


India team shines

Reference to “India’s Thomas Cup victory”; the victory of the Indian team is a moment of great pride for all Indians and a dream come true. Victory seems like a rising sun for Indian badminton. These players can compete and even beat the best.

Satish Sharma Majra, Kaithal

What a victory!

The landslide victory for the men’s badminton team was thrilling and unexpected (“India’s Thomas Cup Victory”). Developments and changes in the sports setup regularly show results. We should continue to work on it. Our champions have not only made us proud, they have also maintained India’s team spirit and cohesion. Congratulations on their achievement!

Abishek, Gurugram

BJP must clear its position

BJP MP Rajkumari Diya Kumari says the land on which the Taj Mahal is built belongs to her ancestor, Raja Jai ​​Singh, nephew of Raja Man Singh who was a general in the Mughal army under Akbar’s rule. The BJP should clearly state its position on this issue. The Taj Mahal is a national monument and property and should continue to be owned by ASI. Also, the Qutub Minar must be declared as the ‘Rashtriya Ekta Stambh’.

Ravi Bhushan, Kurukshetra

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