New York City Council Suddenly Passes New Pension Benefits for Police and Fire Fighters


Ms. Mark-Viverito championed the legislation and the process. Asked at a press conference ahead of the vote, she said it was up to the media to see what was on the agenda, although she acknowledged that the Council usually contacts the media about the issue. legislation.

She said measuring benefits was the culmination of previous discussions. “It’s not about auctioning anyone, because the media like to portray it,” Ms. Mark-Viverito said. “It’s about being financially responsible to New York City while taking care of our officers who are on the front lines doing the job to protect our city.”

At an independent press conference in the Bronx, de Blasio described his approach as “a better model to protect our first responders”, adding that the union-trumpeted proposal “would take us back to so much excess of the past. . “

“We now want the Senate and the Assembly to recognize that New York City has spoken,” he added.

Before Wednesday, unions had taken the lead, noting that female and minority officers and firefighters hired in recent years to increase diversity were entitled to fewer benefits.

Junior officers and firefighters injured in the line of duty currently receive only 50% of their last salary in disability benefits, which could be less than $ 10,000 per year, or $ 27 per day. According to Mr. de Blasio’s proposal, they would get 75% of a higher base, if they received Social Security disability insurance because they are unable to work. If they are able to work and are not entitled to social security, they will receive 50% of their salary.

In his testimony to Council on Wednesday morning, Dean Fuleihan, the city’s budget manager, explained that the mayor’s plan would cost the city $ 105 million in FY2019, up from an estimated $ 400 in the plan. unions.

The sudden pension vote eclipsed legislation that had more support.

The Council, by 45 votes to 5, approved the Fair Chance Act, legislation dubbed “ban the box,” which is part of a national movement to ban employers from discriminating against job applicants who have been in jail.


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