Pension supplement in BiH – sincere aid or election campaign? – Sarajevo Time

Pensioners of the canton of Tuzla (TC) with the lowest pension will receive 100 BAM of one-time assistance. As they receive aid during the election year, the question arises, what will this mean for this population that has long faced poverty? What about those who don’t even have the lowest incomes?

Retirees will mainly use the additional 100 BAM of one-off aid with the July pension to buy mediciness, which they have been buying on credit for a long time. A return to the old State will follow from September.

And thatthat’s it is a drop in the bucket, says the president of the TC Pensioners Association, noting that every 1 BAM is important for this most at-risk population, and greater measures are needed for a better position.

Intervene and save this difficult catastrophic situation as quickly as possible through social programs and by increasing the lowest pensions, says Haso Halilovic.

News of the one-time pensioner aid also prompted a lot of public backlash over the election-year payout. The authorities deny that this is an election campaign.

This is a precedent that will oblige all government institutions to act in the same way with their retirees or the population for which they are responsible, says Director of the Federal Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FB-H), Zijad Krnjic.

Thousands of those who cannot even exercise their right to a minimum pension, not to mention this one-time help, testify to the real interest of the authorities for the citizens. One of them is a former employee of Resod-Guming Tuzla, who has spent most of her working life and who, because of the paperwork, has been waiting for her retirement for years, with health problems. and no income.

This state does not think of its former workers, employees who even worked during the war. We do not have anything. It’s a shame,” Sabaha Sadikovic said.

One-off aid is planned for 35,466 pensioners with the lowest pension, for whom just over 3,500,000 BAM come from the cantonal budget. They spent years working, and today they buy bread and medicine on credit, hoping for timely help, and many do not even receive a pension, BHRT writing.

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